knowing this, that our unrenewed self was put to death with Christ, that this body-agency of sin might be so rendered inactive, that we might no longer be the slaves of sin [for he who practices sin is a slave to sin]; for when a man dies, he is so freed from sin.
--Romans 6:6-7; John 8:34

for whoever with the mind of Christ suffers in the flesh, has halted intentional sin; has ceased to please himself and the world, and now pleases God. Thereby, he can no longer spend time remaining for the lusts of men.
--I Peter 4:1-2

you are like unfaithful wives, having your illicit love with the world; and so breaking your betrothal vow to God! Whoever selects to be a friend of the world so takes a stand as the enemy of God.
--James 4:4
False Faith & False Relgion.