What is Orthotom?
Orthotom is from a koine Greek word with meaning similar to the English: straight; upright. The Orthotom (now part of is a gleaning in historic & indelible markers to the Christian faith.

Who is involved?
Material is received from site visitors and additional contacts. Basic outlines (progressive: left, bottom, center). converge with a digest (lower right). The Orthotom is drawn from these through the Scriptures in 3 elements: Faith, Conscience, Leaven. (upper right).

How do I use it?
Orthotom outlines and digest develop from discerned study/revelation. Begin by examinination of the things presented. Follow with Acts 17:11 and I Thessalonians 5:21.
Materials, inspiration & research may be contributed (when free of copyright) by e-writing Orthotom.